Annual Backflow Assembly Testing

Many homes that include sprinkler systems, live/work units, and irrigation systems require the installation of a backflow device.  Annual testing is required and is the responsibility of the home owner to get each device tested and reported.  HD Partners can take care of everything and file the backflow report directly to the City.

Most municipalities require that any actual or potential cross-connection be either eliminated or be properly protected. Backflow prevention may be required to be installed by the customer on the water service line outside the building, at one or more location within the building, or both. After the initial installation and testing of a new backflow preventer, the customer is required to have the backflow preventer tested on an annual basis to help ensure it is working to keep both the customer’s water and the public water safe from contamination.

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Ben Foster is a Certified Backflow Tester that has been a licensed journeyman plumber since 2001.
For more information on cross connection control program and annual backflow assembly testing requirements, please visit the City of Seattle’s website at: