There are three types of plumbing systems:

  • Supply
  • Drain
  • Vent

As the old saying goes: “nothing lasts forever.” Even with quality products and routine maintenance, plumbing systems eventually need replacing.

One common issue many Seattle homeowners are facing is the need to replace galvanized steel, potable supply systems. In early 20th century, galvanized steel piping was thought to be ideal for plumbing-in potable water systems. However, as we realize now, galvanized steel corrodes over time which causes potential, leak-related problems for the homeowner years down the road. Other materials have since replaced galvanized steel for this purpose.

We are able to install and replace any plumbing system with the most efficient and highest quality products available today. What we most commonly use at Ben’s Plumbing is either copper or Silane-method PEX piping.

If you think it may be time to re-pipe any of the systems in your home or business, call today and start the discussion on what solution makes the most sense for you.